What is search engine optimization and how to do SEO for your site?

Any website which gets ranked higher in SERP (search engine result page) just using natural, organic or search engine’s unpaid result thus attracting free visitors can be considered for a top candidate within its domain. SEO is the process of achieving the above by optimizing the content on the webpage thereby allowing the search engine’s algorithm to index your site and to fetch it at the top whenever it is searched for. Search engines “crawl” your webpages, hence one needs to have the right site architecture so that the page is identified. All the pages are crawled at massive speed and stored in what’s called an index. It’s a good practice to use sitemaps, both HTML and XML, to make it easy for search engines to crawl your site. Sitemap is an XML file that is full of your individual page’s URL.

There is no single solution for ranking your page at the top, one must constantly consider various aspects of SEO and refine it periodically to stay relevant and at top. Below are top few things which matters for search engine’s algorithm with respect to search on web.

Index: Make sure you let google know that you have a website. Go to webmaster or google search console tool and index your site.

Words: They are nothing but what people type in search engine to get to your site. So, make sure you have these golden words on your page. To get the relevant keywords one can visit sites like Google search console, semrush and keywordseverywhere to do some research on keywords and then include them on your blog or site.

Titles: The HTML title which can be seen within the code and often summarizes the page. The search engine algorithm just loves the titles.

Link matters: Both internal and external links to your page are considered good by search engines algorithm. A trust worthy site can get more weightage hence make sure your webpage has link to these kinds of sites.

Words in links: The words used in the link also matters as search engines are able to identify these links and using a site which can be identified easily can greater of a page being identified by search engines.

Reputation: Fresh content and growing number of quality links can be a major factor for sites to go up in SERP.

Social signal: It’s always good to have a social presence even though google does not base page rank based on social media interactions. However social media is a best platform to share your content to build awareness and can be used to drive traffic to your site.

Great video: If you have a great video, this can automatically generate great backlinks and in turn drive traffic to your website.

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