How to kick start your digital marketing journey.

Rapid advancement in technology coupled with more bandwidth availability and affordable prices of smartphone and PC’s has seen an ever increasing trend in people using the internet. A latest report tells us that over half of the world’s population is now online, with the latest data showing that nearly a quarter of a billion new users came online for the first time in 2017.

People are spending more time online. An average user now spends about 6 hours each day using the internet. The online market is growing and expanding at a faster rate hence it is apparent in today’s world to have a digital presence. Digital marketing is a form of direct marketing which links consumers with sellers electronically with interactive technologies like emails, websites, online forum and news group, interactive television, mobile communications etc. Marketing has changed overtime and advancement in sales technology coupled with AI and machine learning has changed the way marketing is done. Marketing cannot be ignored and without having top digital marketing campaigns it is difficult to reach your audience. There are various modules in digital marketing as mentioned below wherein one may have to gain some knowledge in one or all the fields to understand digital marketing and to build a career in digital marketing.

Search engine optimization: It is a continuous process of optimizing your site to make it identifiable/visible for search engines (e.g google, bing) and to display it among the top results. What does it means when you do a seo on your website? This would basically mean you want any search engine to discover your site when users try to search for any information. The sole objective of seo is to increase the traffic to the page and improve the page rank of your site within search engines search result. The best ways to optimize your site is to do a keyword analysis, create metatags, placing strategic search phrases on pages and placing backlinks to your site from authoritative or genuine websites.

Search engine marketing: Usually it is referred to marketing done via paid ads. It goes beyond SEO and helps generate traffic by listing your site at the top of web search by purchasing ads on search engine. It’s one of the most effective way to increase traffic to your site. Whenever you search for an information in any of the search engine at times you may find Ad mentioned within a box alongside the page URL within the top search results, this is an example of SEM. There are different terms which are associated with SEM like, paid search ads, paid search advertising, pay per click(PPC) etc.

Social media marketing: As the name suggest this type of marketing involves promoting or advertising your products or services using social media channels (like facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc). This channel also helps in brand building, amplifying your posts and reaching or identifying your target audience in a more efficient manner. In today’s world, social media marketing has a great potential as the tools have gone app based and more and more users are accessing these using their mobiles, hence the chances of one seeing your post/adv in social media has increased.

Email marketing: The most successful type of digital marketing technique as the chances of reaching a potential target is more. The process involves sending out emails to your customers using email or any other email marketing tool (Eloqua, vuture etc are few email marketing tools). In today’s scenario there are lot of marketing automation tools which are more structured and efficient enough to provide the statistic around your email performance, put a touch of personalization to your email, adding GIFs, location and many such features. To get the maximum benefit out of your tool, you can integrate it to your CRM system.

Web analytics & reporting: The most important yet neglected portion of the entire spectrum of digital marketing is to know the performance of your marketing activities. There are lot of tools which helps in tracking and analyzing the user behavior for your websites. These tools helps gauge the performance of your website based on number of visitors, page views the average time spent and a lot of other metrics. Google analytics, webtrends and adobe analytics are few popular tools in the market which most of the people/organization use to measure the performance of their website. At a high level these tools require one to input a piece of java code at the back end of the site and based on the hits or traffic which your site attracts, provides you with various reports. The process which all of the web analytics tools follow is one and the same – collection of data, processing of and data and finally reporting. Google analytics has both free and premium features, however adobe and webtrends has only paid version to it.

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